Death Panels Are Working

Written by Yappy.

The Death Panels started working today.  Oh, not in the sense of the mental image that Sarah Palin created when she coined the term, of some beady-eyed bureaucrats in subterranean secrecy deciding who lives and who dies (perhaps based on the same criteria as the IRS uses to decide which organizations get  501 status).   But the outcome is the same.  Remember how many times we were told that “people are dying from lack of health insurance”?    If we assume that is true, then millions of people will be dying this year BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE.  

To obtain insurance starting today, people had to sign up by December 13/20/24/26 (Obama keeps moving the date) and even by their own numbers only 2 million people have Obamacare coverage.  But at least half of those didn’t sign up for Obamacare, but for Medicaid, so they don’t “count.”  And at least 10% (probably higher) of the rest weren’t properly processed through to the insurance companies, and will get a nasty surprise when they go after a prescription or to see a doctor.   Some of those will drop out because of the costs, too, because prices ARE [much] higher and there is no mechanism yet for paying the subsidies.  Being generous, then, compare that 500,000-900,000 people newly insured with the 5 MILLION that have LOST insurance because of Obamacare, or the 7 million who were supposed to be Obamacare-insured by now, or the 45 million uninsured who were supposed to be covered by Obamacare when it passed the Congress, and lastly, with the 90 million that Obama KNEW, in 2010, would lose coverage when the employer mandate kicks in this year.  The number of lives Obamacare has made “safe” will be less than 1/1000 of those who will “die for lack of health insurance”!    That’s not only a death panel; it’s a “man-caused disaster.”   Should we tolerate millions “killed” by government stupidity?

Union Recruiting at Walmart with Keith Ellison

Written by Nancy LaRoche.

Keith Ellison never misses a chance to recruit for unions. Earlier this fall, it was outside the Minnesota federal courthouse during the government shutdown. Today, it was outside a Wal-Mart in Brooklyn Center, under the guise of protesting low wages. Via WCCO:

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minnesota, joined the protest.

“This is a national problem of low wages. You guys being brave and courageous will help us get that change,” Ellison.

I don't think many Minnesotans are buying what they're crying. Best comments on WCCO's site:

>> Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minnesota, joined the protest.
Really? Walmart must have really low standards for hiring.

What makes everyone so sure they are Walmart workers and not people from SEIU or the former ACORN?

Let's 'fire' the guy the the blue jacket.

Unions must be desperate for members. I'm also curious if any protesters were paid by unions to be there today. And to Representative Ellison (who represents me in the 5th District): did you mention how much you get paid to these workers? Be brave and courageous!

Find out more about "Our Walmart" and UFCW's attempts to unionize workers here. And remember workers: if you choose to unionize, your pay may go up a little - but you'll see less on your paycheck because of union dues. Somebody has to pay for those fancy t-shirts and signs. Just sayin'.

UPDATE: Big Government reports that the Walmart protests are a nationwide effort. Here's a peek into their plans, and how they're raising money:

Sasson’s group’s New York City-area Walmart event is part of a nationally organized day of action from the institutional left against nation's biggest employer. Sasson told planners, according to the audio recording obtained by Breitbart News, that left-wing organizations plan to target 2,000 Walmart locations nationwide across America on Black Friday. That is an increase from what she said were 1,200 stores that took heat from progressives on Black Friday last year.

MacKenzie Baris, a northeastern U.S. field organizer for another left-wing group, Jobs with Justice, noted that the left has raised funds off of these protests that total just under $200,000. “Online donations to support striking workers being off the job totaled $193,000,” Baris said later in the recording of last year’s fundraising numbers. “That’s individuals giving money online to support the strikers.”

(Hat tip-Sue Jeffers)

I Can Keep Mine

Written by Yappy.

Well, I got that dreaded letter from my health insurance company last week, and there is good news and bad news.  The good news is that I get to keep my existing health plan!  The bad news is that the cost is going up 20%.  Of course the really bad news is that my employer, being smarter than most, saw Obamacare coming last year, and dumped me into a subsidized group plan that, to meet Obamacare mandates, cost me roughly 70% more than I was previously paying.  And THAT was the insurance I liked and wanted to keep.  I wonder… Does Obamacare cover me if I am sick of Obamacare?


Written by Yappy.

A number of pundits have observed (here and here) that it took less time for the US to fight and win World War II than it has to get the “simple” Obamacare website operational.   But fear not!   Barack Obama, our Master of IT IS (Information Technology and Information Systems) has said “This will be fixed,” thereby proving that he knows absolutely nothing about either.  He doesn’t know the first rule about IT project scheduling, which is that “the first 90% of the project takes 90% of the time, and the other 10% of the project takes the other 90% of the time.”   Apparently nobody told him that if you have 3-1/2 years to complete the project and don’t start testing until six weeks prior to go-live, you’re in deep kaka with the schedule.  And, like everything else liberals do, he ignored the fundamental rule of all projects, which is that you can specify the time, the cost, or the functionality, so long as you pick only TWO.  Obamacare, of course, specifies all three in self-contradictory detail, and liberals then fume because the fundamental laws of the universe do not obey their whimsical wishes.  

What is worse, in my opinion, is that Mr. Obama seems to fervently believe that his pontifications on the subject somehow alter reality.  Saying “it will get fixed” does not cause it to be fixed if it is not possible to fix it (or even if it IS).  Obamacare simply cannot work as promised—it is impossible—and everybody but Obama ought to be realizing that.  Whether it will work as written (also not possible and already proven so) or as intended (some say it was intended to drive private insurance out of existence) is another matter.  In any event, Mr. Obama’s commandment that the seas cease their rise or that a website gets “fixed” is borderline megalomaniacal madness.    

Noble Red Man

Written by Yappy.

So, Governor Dayton leads a protest against the Washington Redskins for their “offensive” team name.  Question:  Who is lily-white Mark Dayton to suddenly be offended by somebody’s long-time team logo?  Granted there were Native Americans at the protest who might legitimately be offended by the term, by itself, but the presence of Dayton, the new Minneapolis mayor and Betsy McCollum made this a political event, which it didn’t have to be.  It tells us something about liberals, though, doesn’t it?  They get a bee in their bonnet about something—who decides the “injustice of the week” I don’t know, but it IS coordinated, somehow—and they yammer and mewl about it until something [political] is done to satisfy them. But then, they immediately lose all interest in the subject.  Right or wrong, “something” was done and it’s on to something else.  (Notice that far too much legislation is done that way?)  They can never be happy!   I say we should quit trying.

Whose Default Is It

Written by Yappy.

Larry Kudlow points out what everybody OUGHT to know, but doesn’t.  That is, that all of this talk about “default” if the debt ceiling is not raised is just another of Obama’s grand deceits, sometimes called an abominable lie, and yet it is succeeding so well that even Republicans who understand the imperative to cease running up the nation’s credit card bill are using that language.  The simple fact is that, unless Obama forces it, as he has with the unnecessary “pain” of the partial shutdown, there can be no default.  Here’s Kudlow:

Earlier this year, House Republican Tom McClintock and 106 co-sponsors introduced the Full Faith and Credit Act, which would protect the payment, principal, and interest on U.S. Treasury securities, including those held by Social Security funds, even in the event that the federal debt reaches the statutory limit. In other words, by law, not default. Two years ago Senator Pat Toomey introduced similar legislation. And more recently, House Financial Services chairman Jeb Hensarling renewed the campaign for that bill. But Obama and the Democrats have always opposed it. And how bizarre is it that Obama opposes the one piece of legislation that would make it impossible for him or anybody else to make Treasury-default accusations?

 And if Obama’s lies were just that, attempting to tar Republicans to “get his way” and continue his unconscionable deficit spending (that even HE said repeatedly was irresponsible), that would be one thing, but all of this gloom and doom is “talking down the market,” and worse!  Failure to raise the debt ceiling may, in fact, be even less dangerous to our personal, national and world financial health than this entirely false Democrat doomsaying.  Shameful!


Written by Yappy.

I’m sorry, but there can be no other conclusion: the people who are queried for these ubiquitous opinion polls can no longer be allowed to express their opinion, in polls or otherwise.  It is obvious that these polls are radically distorted because far too many of the respondents are members of the PNPA-- the People Not Paying Attention.  How else can you explain such things as the plurality opinion that Republicans are responsible for the “government shutdown”?  Anybody paying attention knows that it is Republicans in the House of Representatives that passed 3 different continuing resolutions (CRs) to keep the government open, and that Democrats in the Senate summarily rejected all of them.  Republicans have also passed CRs to reopen parts of the government and Democrats in the Senate won’t even consider them.  Meanwhile, Obama threatens to veto any and every attempt by Republicans to keep the government open while simultaneously creating more pain for the public than is necessary.  Worse still, this entire performance of the political Theater of the Absurd could have been avoided if Senate Democrats had passed a real budget for the year 6 months ago when Republicans did.  All of this ought to be common knowledge to anybody paying attention, but the PNPA by definition do not.  People ought to have some basis in factual information for their decisions and opinions or else just vote “present.”  If they won’t pay attention to the facts, we shouldn’t pay attention to them.

Keith Ellison's Dog & Pony Show

Written by Nancy LaRoche.

Keith Ellison (D) staged a shutdown "rally" at the Federal Courthouse in Minneapolis this morning at 9:30 a.m.  — while the rest of us working class-types were on the clock to pay for his salary, higher taxes - or figuring out how to work more to pay for higher health insurance premiums. WCCO's Pat Kessler tweeted this with a photo:

MN Dem Cong Ellison at Mpls rally w furloughed fed workers: says GOP "irrational".

Looks like it was a sparse turnout, and a percentage are not furloughed federal workers. Note the man in the SEIU sweatshirt, and a Representive Phyllis Khan (D-60B) to his right. How many are Federal workers, and how many are Ellison staffers or supporters? I asked Kessler to ask them.

If the GOP is "irrational", then Rep. Ellison is delusional and a hypocrite. While many of his colleagues are forgoing their pay during the shutdown, Keith is keeping his.

Rally for federal workers, or free earned media for public sector unions and Democrats? Dogs and ponies with donkeys.

Law of the Land

Written by Yappy.

Ever since the US Supreme Court found Obamacare Constitutional, using the convoluted reasoning that the mandates and penalties constituted a “tax,” Democrats have been screaming that Obamacare is the “law of the land” and must be held forever sacred.  Never mind that Obama and the Democrats absolutely INSISTED that this was NOT a tax while pushing it through Congress and then insisting that it WAS a tax before the Supreme Court.  Never mind that the Obama administration has ignored, delayed, failed at or perverted almost every single provision of the law as Congress passed it.  Never mind that all the promises made for it have been broken or that all the critics have been proven correct to some degree; the Democrats insist that lawmakers in Congress must never, ever alter the “law of the land.”

Now, however, thanks to our own Citizens Council for Health Freedom and others, Obamacare may again be before the Supreme Court.  Because the Court has ruled it a tax, then according to the “origination clause” of the Constitution, the bill must first pass the House of Representatives, while Obamacare, in its entirety, clearly originated in the Senate!  Wouldn’t that be a delicious irony, to have the body which made it the law because of Obama’s tortured argument, then nullify it as a result of that same argument?

Obamacare Will Never Fail

Written by Yappy.

Oh, you foolish Republicans!  You think that once people find out how horrible Obamacare really is, they will demand that it be repealed.  But they will never find out!  Obamacare will be a tremendous success, because Democrats and their co-conspirators in the popular press will not accept any other narrative.  Already, Obamacare has broken every single promise made for it.  Insurance costs have gone up by 30, 50, or even 200%. Millions have lost the insurance they liked-- they couldn't keep it.  Only about 25% of those promised to be insured, if all goes perfectly, will have insurance.    Small business pools will not be available on time.  Lifetime caps on payouts still remain.  The cornerstone-- the exchanges-- aren't ready and many won't be, for years.  Patient privacy has already been lost.  On top of everything else, millions of people either can't find jobs, or have had their hours cut, or lost their employer-paid insurance because of Obamacare.  Yet you hear it every day.  "Millions of people now have access to health care."  "Prices have come down."   "Insurance companies have been required to blah, blah blah."  Not a PEEP about the massive failures, except from a few "extremist Republicans."   Some people, maybe 60% according to polls, may have figured it out already, which is good.  The only question is how long it will take the other 40%, including Democrats in Congress, to figure out what a total disaster it is and act accordingly.  Don't get your hopes up.

The Great Leap Crosswise

Written by Yappy.

Well, the IPCC has released its latest report, starting with the “Summary for Policymakers” and followed by the full report of (supposedly) supporting scientific evidence.  It is another version of the legal philosophy of “hanging now, trial later.”   There are many who will ably and diligently dissect both documents and point out the fallacies, fables and flaws, but I want you to be aware of one absolutely glaring leap of illogic that appears in every one of these reports, and in almost every pronouncement by the “Warmists.”  First, let me offer an analogy:  If I say “Creation (the world, the universe) exists” I have stated an undeniable fact.  If I then say “God created all of Creation.”  I have NOT stated a fact, but rather a faith statement.  I have no scientific evidence even for the existence of God, let alone that He created the world.  But you constantly hear the Warmists say, “the world is getting warmer, it’s undeniable” when in fact there is considerable skepticism about the reality of that statement, depending on what’s meant by “warmer” and what time frame, measurement method, and analysis tools one employs.   But then the very next statement is “WE  have to do something about it,” implying that human activity, specifically the release of CO2, is RESPONSIBLE for this observed warming.  That is a faith statement, with essentially zero scientific evidence to support it!  There is no direct way to get, scientifically and logically, from the first statement, even if true, to the second!  Watch for it the next time a Warmist talks.  You’ll swear it’s an evangelical preacher, not a scientist.