Apologies To Voltaire

Written by Yappy.

Voltaire said, "If God did not exist, it would be necessary for Man to invent him."  The dirtier truth in our present day is "If Republicans did not exist, it would be necessary for Democrats to invent them." Why? Because without these imaginary Republicans to demonize and "fight," the Democrat agenda for our State and Nation is.... what?  More stupidty, stagnation and decline?  Real Republicans are at least trying to solve the problems created by Democrats over the years-- crushing debt, foolish overspending, excess regulation and obeisance to every cockamamie liberal idea that ever came down the pike-- while being harried and harangued by Democrats at every turn.  It’s absolutely maddening, and not in the good way.

I’m reminded of the old Michael Douglas movie “Disclosure,” where our hero is browbeaten by threats of a sexual harassment scandal for sleeping with his delicious, Delilah-ish boss (Demi Moore).  While that keeps him out of competition for the company’s top slot, an email (from “A. Friend”) keeps reminding him to “solve the problem” with the company’s new product production line in Asia.   That’s what we have here—Republicans kept from power by devilish lies, and the only hope for them (and the country) is to solve the problem as Michael Douglas did, by exposing devilish Demi as the CAUSE of the problem!