Pregnancy And Strong Spines

Written by Yappy.

Remember what Missouri U.S. Senate Candidate Todd Akin said, when asked about pregnancy as a result of rape?  “[T]he female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down….”  The media firestorm that followed clearly demonstrated how politically incorrect he was but, scientifically speaking, he may have been right!  Now I don’t want to argue whether Mr. Akin was scientifically correct or politically astute, because those points are just that-- arguable.  But the RNC didn’t argue.  They sniveled and slunk away, withdrew all funding and turned a near-certain victory into defeat, putting  another Democrat in the U.S. Senate. 

There are two very valuable lessons here.  First, that Republicans have to get some SPINE and not start whimpering the minute the liberal media attacks.  Second and perhaps most important, the way to get our message past the liberal media blockade is to be right but provocative, bordering on outrageous, and then have every Republican DEFEND that position; the media’s outrage will make them broadcast what most voters will see as commonsense Republican ideas.  (The reason there are so many "low-information voters" is because they don't get real information from the MSM propaganda mills.)  It’s political jujitsu; using our opponents’ strength—firm control of the media and the narrative—against them.