Education, Media, and Culture: These are the battlefields

Written by Derek Brigham.

The 2012 election and the division we see in America along different mindsets lends itself well to references to folk tales, adages and cautionary tales. Because after all what were the stories of old designed to do? To encourage us to be wise, be frugal, work hard, prepare thyself for winter, look out for trouble, and so on.

The message of the two campaigns have been opposites on what I see as the real core the issue—responsibility.

No, it's not about social issues—none of them—although the left would love to sidetrack conversations and point to shiny objects. And yes it is played out as jobs, the economy, resources, and debt. But all of these practical issues can be seen through the prism off responsibility. And there is the heart of the division. Is it man or the state who should be the first responder for basic problem solving. Or as it was proposed over 200 years ago: can man govern himself?

As an example, we have a great side by side experiment that will be played out right here in the upper midwest where we can watch that question applied. Read: A Tale of 2 States.

There are two separate but related dynamics I see. One is the political story—the challenge of Freedom vs, Free Stuff.  Rush Limbaugh and others have been using the reference of Santa Claus. Santa is very easy to identify with—and it's extremely hard to run against Santa Claus. Especially with an electorate uneducated in historical patterns and dynamics of the market system.


The second dynamic I see is the coming Weimar or Keyensian end point. With a nod to Exodus, I picture a Kafkaesque device called the shovel-headed kill machine. Picture an unstoppable high speed mega-train with a plow at the front. You won't stop it by standing in front of it. It's designed to kill after all. And if we grab on to the back to try slowing it down we'll just be thrown into the engine's fire, again by design.

The shovel-headed kill machine is our ever expanding government. It runs on your revenue and as a flex-fuel machine, it also also runs on freshly printed money. It's on a progressive multiplying power track, and we are the fuel—whether we like it or not. Can it be stopped? No, not by an external force.  It must run out of its own power or derail itself.

Enter the fiscal cliff. Yep, that'll do it. And many voters either don't see it—who has the time with The Voice, and Dancing with the Stars on TV. Or, they know but would rather just not look at it. Then there's that other half of America that have been pointing and screaming for years. Yes, long before Obama, and not just about Democrat spending and over-regulating. Plenty of blame to go around.

If you feed a beast you get a bigger beast, and the beast has been fed well at least since the 1960s. And whether you want to say it was born in 1900, 1930 or wherever you want to put the pin in the US timeline does not matter. The beast is above the tipping point. And the goose that laid the golden egg is wishing he could fly south before he gets cooked. Too late.

So what to do about it. Move to Texas, Arizona, the Dakotas? Meh. That's called running. You may be happier there in Galt Gulch among friends of common belief, but will you be helping? No. Just as churches that only serve themselves shrink in membership, so will the message of prosperity through freedom and responsibility if it is not put on display in action.

The 18-29 year old demo is gone. Look at the polls. It's stunning, the 18-29 set should be the most motivated of all. They will wear the debt yoke. But most have been indoctrinated and so many still have poor jobs or none at all. It's hard to say no to Santa, especially when he sounds so smooth. And he knows who has been naughty and nice.

Unfortunately Santa Claus and the shovel headed kill machine are not going away…Unless the two things that can stop them happen. Santa can be exposed for the liar he is, or the kill machine runs out of money to burn in its engine. And as we know the media will cover for them to the hilt of the sword.

I don't see this as a political party solution. It may come, but I see little reason to think positive change will come through that tunnel. The Republicans have been too timid and have buckled far too many times toward the progressive left. On the other side, the Democratic party sees compromise as always coming their way by adding to the size and scope of government control.

As I see it this can only be changed here: Education, Media, and Culture. Sure, keep helping candidates and people who help build the party and take it toward smaller government, of course. But that is not enough. If the culture does not change, don't expect government to get any better.

Education and saturation of all facets of the culture and media—film, music, writing, social, packaging, advertising, apps, games, church, fitness, sports, TV, with the message of prosperity through freedom and responsibility. And for God's sake, keep it clever. The audience is as savvy as you, never think you can pull anything stupid.

Where to get involved. The places so far that I see as the best and most consistent message and actual grassroots movement are:

The Blaze  and

Education, Media, and Culture: These are the battlefields. Fire the good ideas out there, you can't miss.

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