Keep Calm and Carry Onward

Written by Nancy LaRoche.

After an 18-hour election judge shift yesterday, I came home this morning to a disppointing reality - there seems to be a majority of people who value free stuff over freedom. I looked this morning for some encouragement, and Chicks on The Right were there: the reality of just how stupid half of our country is starts to really sink in, so too does the hope and knowledge that there are still half of us with Actual Brains who will continue to speak the truth, continue to call out the media for existing purely to cover Obama's assular area, and continue to expose liberals for being the greedy, selfish, entitled, dependent takers that they are.

That's what Daisy and I are going to do, y'all.  Because we certainly can't just throw in the towel.  We have kids to worry about.  We will remain active, engaged, and yes, even hopeful.  Because this is America, dammit.  We don't just let our attackers off the hook.  And that's precisely what liberalism is - an attack on the America that our founding fathers envisioned.

Rest assured (and required), I'll be fired up after some more sleep and reflection. In my local area, there were silver linings: conservative candidates were elected to local offices, including Mayor of Crystal (pending official results). National groups have entered Minnesota and helping organize us. Americans For Prosperity Minnesota now has boots on the ground, along wtih longer players American Majority MN,  Minnesota Majority. and Taxpayers League. They helped fill in the gap where the MNGOP couldn't. The party will look and feel much different in the next years. but conservatives will not give up and will adapt their strategies.

In the meantime, I can't say it better than Mockarena and Daisy:

So, onward, clever and competent readers.  Chins up, boobs out.