What Now, Genius?

Written by Yappy.

Grand prize award for the stupidest thing said after Election Day goes to the Genius who said, “No Tea Party member should ever again vote for a Republican until they can prove they deserve it."   There is absolutely no way somebody can prove they deserve election unless they first WIN election, giving them the power to influence government action.  Otherwise, just like you and I, they have to sit back and take the disaster served up by the winners.  Besides, even when they win, there will be a few Genii  [plural of Genius, right?] running around saying, "He was on the wrong side of that one issue; I'm never voting for him again."   So, if you didn't vote Republican last Tuesday, you're one of THEM. 

First prize for the stupidest comment goes to: "Folks will wake up once they see how bad things can get with liberals in charge."  This is doubtless from the nihilists among us, who are willing to allow liberals to destroy this country just so they can be proven right.  (What happens if people DON'T wake up, eh?)  Oddly enough, liberals behave exactly this same way-- willing to destroy the country to save it.  If you aren't willing to get out and vote to say that the current situation is a disaster, how much more disaster do you want? 

The second prize statement-- "Republicans still control the House, and they have to stand up and fight"-- actually has merit, until you think about it.  There are really two ways House Republicans can go after this terrible defeat.  They can become highly principled and block everything Democrats want to do, like the Grand Prize winners demand and this second-prize winner seem to want, or they can just give the Democrats what they want until people see how awful that really is, like the first prize grandiloquents expect.   There is a third way, between the other two, which is to accommodate the Democrats on those rare occasions when they are right and compromise where it is essential-- i.e. "getting the best deal we can"—but that hasn't worked well for them, either, since this pragmatist course offends ALL the GOP Genii, apparently. 

What's left as an advisable course of action is, I'm afraid, either more of the same pragmatism or a far more reckless but righteous course.  That is, to compromise with Democrats ONLY when they are right and trumpet that fact, but then trumpet equally loudly that the House will NOT tolerate the continuing assaults on our economy and our freedom.  For example, since the Obamacare mandate has been ruled by the Supreme Court to be a tax and tax policy must originate in the House, the House GOP can vote to repeal that tax and offset it in the budget by ending all Obamacare implementation and enforcement costs.  If Obama wants a budget, that has to be in it.  They will be browbeaten, pilloried and worse by the Dems and the MSM, but this is where they make their first and most significant stand.   The second budget battle will be over the other new taxes, and here I think a bit of "rope-a-dope" is in order.  Trade Obama his upper class tax hike in exchange for a $1 TRILLION deficit reduction THIS YEAR.   He has trumpeted this tax hike as the solution to deficits, so let him defend the math.   If he can't, cancel all of the tax hikes; the House has that authority and can stick to it.    The third step here is to simply refuse to increase the debt ceiling until there is a deficit ELIMINATION budget passed and signed.  That will be hardest because the pressure will be enormous, but the country might hold together until 2014, when all the Republicans will probably lose their seats.  Maybe not, though, if the GOP Genii come back to the party and to their senses.  Poof! You're a majority!