#MNGOP Hunger Games III - MockingJay

Written by Nancy LaRoche.

District 5 is the epicenter of republican elimination by anarchists and destroyers in leadership positions. They joked online about doing just that at the 2012 MNGOP Convention — adopting The Hunger Games as their theme. CD5 Chair Adam Weigold has been missing in action since he was elected, and the Deputy Chair Mark Johnson was so focused on the RNC that he let the CD5 website go dark, among other neglected duties like fundraising and committee building. When complaints came in, they reportedly appointed more destroyers to executive positions so as not to get voted out in an October executive committee meeting.

Johnson also neglected to help statewide campaigns within the district. He instead chose to organize a Liberty Republican Forum during the election for after the election (discussed in part II of my series). Shortly after my post, they performed a massive rewrite, cutting the overly used word “liberty” and removed “libertarian.” They even fixed the “Repubican” typo in the title.

If you look at election results in SD61 and CD5 overall, why would any serious activist and/or candidate or want to listen to a group of destroyers tell them how to run a winning campaign?

Case Study #1: Nate “Honey Badger” Atkins For House 61B. He ran in 2010 under his given name and earned a respectable 30% of the vote against Paul Thissen in deep blue district 61. In 2012, he rebranded as a joker, got media attention, with some commenting that they voted for him just because of his name.

SD61 Chair Mark Johnson affirmed that Nate was officially endorsed by the SD61 Republicans in one comment thread. Nate messaged me on Facebook, “See Nancy LaRoche, I’m not a joke!” and linked to his campaign website. When he aligns with groups like this, I can see why he only garnered 18% of the vote against Paul Thissen this year. Apparently, 61B voters didn’t give a sh*!. Sorry, but the LULZ is on Nate and Mark. Maybe next time they’ll put up a Choom candidate.

Case Study #2: Liberty Forum introductory speaker Marianne Stebbins ran for a city council seat and came in last. Voters in Excelsior visiting her website and her main image see her focus is on Ron Paul, not the city. But she’s great at organizing Paul delegates and alternates to vote at GOP conventions. Is her next run for MNGOP Chair? Perhaps, but it may be a surrogate player (see Anderson, Pat).

On to the Liberty Forum and its Austrian Economics sessions: why pay to listen there when Kurt Bills and Nik Ludwig do a fine job in this video? Kurt Bills should lead these sessions, but he was dispatched by “Liberty” delegates (who organized for his GOP endorsement) for supporting (gasp) “Republican” republican Mitt Romney:

That is one scary liberty example for "how to achieve positive results for our issues & candidates in upcoming elections."

I feel bad for the featured keynotes Steve Sutton and Chris Fields. They deserve to be heard by a broader audience, and will have some great insights. For leadership training though, don’t listen to Mark and Adam. Listen to Steve and Chris. I suspect Mark and other CD5 destroyers will get some great tips and strategies, and then do nothing. That’s how they roll.

So, if you would rather save $20 (or $25 at the door) + parking, attend any of the free statewide TEA party meet-ups like this one, where builders are winning and republicans are welcome with libertarians, democrats and independents. If you’ve already paid, enjoy the pep talk with a handful of others who’ve signed up.

Seriously, if I weren’t attending a class November 17, I’d rent a table at the Liberty Forum and sell mockingjay pins. Really seriously, I know we want to spread liberty and we need to be a big tent to win. But purity-seeking anarchists who mock, exclude party members and supporters then destroy the organization they take over earned their ridicule. And I’m just getting started.

A potential Hunger Game changer is Ron Paul supporters forming alliances with GOP builders to eliminate the destroyers.  If that happens and succeeds, the anarchists can regroup and try to take over the Democratic party. Now that would be a win-win!