DFL Exec Director gets arrested for DWI, and pardon from Chair

Written by Nancy LaRoche.


#DFL Executive Director and former Obama for America staffer Corey Day was arrested December 15 for driving while intoxicated. And it's not his first offense. When you read the quote below from DFL Party Chair Ken Martin, recall the DFL's 2010 attack on Tom Emmer's then 10-year-old DWI charge by a group funded by Mark Dayton's ex-wife.

This story pretty much sums up hypocrisy in the Democrat party (emphasis mine):

According to public records, Day pleaded guilty to a charge of drunken driving in 2009.

DFL Party chair Ken Martin said the weekend violation will not affect Day's work at the state party.

"As far as I'm concerned, it is a personal issue. This didn't happen on work time," Martin said. "It's obviously a lapse in judgment and a mistake that he made. And I don't condone it."

He said he was not aware of Day's previous record. The party does not routinely run criminal background checks on employees, nor does he specifically ask about arrest records during the interview process, he said.

"We hire folks based on their skill set," Martin said.

Skill sets trump public safety? If a drunken Corey Day hits people instead of parked cars next time, we'll remember your words and leadership, Ken.